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The project in more detail:

This Spring Ensemble Reza teamed up with UK’s leading music technology expert Jason Rowland and the largest community arts charity in the South East, SameSky to create a unique multi sensory music project based on Saint-Saën’s magical work, Carnival of the Animals.

This project was aimed at students from Ingfield Manor, a school for pupils aged between 3-19 with neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy. 

Following the success of a pilot project Ensemble Reza ran with the school last year, this composition and creative art project was devised for the whole school and included seven composition and two art workshops. The project culminated with a final concert performance with students performing alongside Ensemble Reza to family and friends with costumes, pictures and props professionally designed and staged by SameSky.

We are delighted to have received funding from the Knighton Fund and DeWinton Fund at Sussex Community Foundation, Christ's Hospital School, Savills Haywards Heath, and the Friends from Ensemble Reza and the Friends of Ingfield Manor School.


We had a fantastic time at Ingfield Manor School this term, working with students and staff and amazing artists SameSky to create our very own Carnival of the Animals.

Starting in April students listened to a live performance of Carnival of the Animals performed by Ensemble Reza musicians and friends and started their music and art workshops with our professional workshop team. There were some very special moments with plenty of smiles, laughter and some tears!

Here are some photos and videos to give you a taste of our workshops, including the four different animals the students created, which where an inspiration for both music and art works.

Students creating their own animals with SameSky artist

The project culminated with a performance to an audience of friends and family. Here is some feedback we collected:

Absolute joy to see him so engaged in the music, to watch him following the instruments so well, the sheer pleasure he showed playing his instrument, how pleased he was with his performance and that of his peers. The delight the group had showing off what they had worked so very hard to achieve – Truly fabulous. Thank you all so much.
— parent
that was one if the most inspiring things I have ever seen. To see the joy on the children’s faces, music is so powerful, and to provide them with this platform to express themselves and be empowered to create their own sounds cannot be underestimated
— parent
the musicians were very skilled and communicated with our students in a manner which ignored their disabilities and simply honed in on what they could do and enabled them to feel completely involved
— Sue Baker - teacher
I think (the project helped me to be a better musician because) I learnt a lot more about the different types of instruments as I rarely see classical music but I think I learnt more about it.
— Charlie (student)