Ensemble Reza produced a wonderful concert for us on Wednesday, please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone in the group! The musicality and joy of their playing thrilled everyone present, it was an uplifting experience!
— Chris Hough, Funtingdon Music Group
Just a note to say thank you again for the wonderful concert you gave last night. We are so pleased you chose us to try out the Schoenberg and hope it will now have many more outings! We certainly hope you will pay us a return visit before too long.
— Christine Colbourne, Haywards Heath Music Society
What a wonderful pleasure to have Ensemble Reza at the Chapel Royal. The reaction was only too obvious from the ovation, justly awarding such a top class performance. The Mendelssohn Octet sparkled with joy from start to finish. Come again soon - please!
— Paul Gregory, Musical Director/Chapel Royal Lunchtime Concerts Brighton
Thank you so much and please thank the Ensemble for a superb evening. The choice of material was spot on and gave the audience a mix of musical eras, which certainly sparked animated conversation in the foyer long after the musicians finished. Interestingly, the Schoenberg scored very highly!
— Simon Anckhorn, Hurst Festival

Audience Feedback

Evening Performances

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday evening’s concert by the Ensemble at HTC. The members of the Ensemble have always been good but last evening they surpassed themselves in terms of professionalism & enthusiasm.
The concert last night was quite outstanding… it always seems like the best ever…It makes you feel fully alive! …. I just loved the pre- concert event…it was such a lot of fun as well as being so full of gems of music and such warm exchanges with the players. Not to mention your wonderful addition of champagne!! I will certainly try never to miss one. Big congratulations for putting it on and getting such a big audience.
It was wonderful. Real privilege to hear such outstanding music on our doorstep.
This wouldn’t be my first choice of musical styles to be honest but I was so gripped and will definitely plan to see them again.
They are in a league of their own, absolutely thrilling… Their music sounds so spontaneous as if improvised and is also such a delight to watch with their frequent exchanges and obvious enjoyment
Great concert this evening at a great venue in Brighton. I have never heard either of the 2 main pieces before but hope to do so again - if only on the principle that one only likes music which one has heard before. Both pieces were interesting & worthy of serious listening. The Ensemble goes from strength to strength.

Lunchtime Concerts

Just an exquisite way to spend one hour. What more could you ask for - top virtuoso musicians playing a programme of music that never fails to please .... for free!
These concerts are always brilliant and enjoyable. It is an hour of peace and harmony in a manic day, so when time allows this is a great break in the day!
Each musician introduced a piece of music sharing their passion with us in the least stuffy way that sometimes classical music can be portrayed. These concerts are for everyone to enjoy. I like the format – 1 hour of music at lunchtime is great!
Beautifully played and very educational.
It’s a great asset to the town to have a high quality recital series easily accessible and in the daytime. A very informal atmosphere, free admission means that nobody need feel excluded by cost. Children are made very welcome too!
A great opportunity to hear such wonderful music. It’s always good to come to live music
Excellent as always. I work in Haywards Heath so can easily come to the concerts and appreciate the chance to hear good music.